Friday, January 3, 2014

{Five} Faves: FRIDAY

So I decided to start something new. Heck, it's a new year, why not??
Each week, I'd like to share with you my top 5 favorite things from the past week.
Things related to cooking, working in the kitchen, gardening, products and recipes I love, or whatever else seems to pop into my brain at that moment. 

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Are you ready?? 
Me too!!

1.  Food Chopper by Pampered Chef - Holy Smokes, do I ever love this thing or what?! It is by far one of the best inventions, EVER! You can use this handy little device to chop-up veggies & fruits. You can use it to dice up pretty much anything, which is awesome and saves you a lot of time! For example, bawling your eyes out when dicing onions can now become a thing of the past. It also works great for chopping nuts, and other hard foods like candy. Best part: It's 100% dishwasher safe! I love love LOVE it! This bad boy is an absolute kitchen must-have. 

Image via//Pampered Chef

2.  ABC's The Taste {Television Show} - Eeeek!!! I'm squealing with excitement! I'm so so so HAPPY ABC's The Taste is back for season 2. The first season was so much fun to watch - we didn't miss a single episode. Last night {Thursday}, the show premiered with contestants trying their best hand {or shall I say, bite} to be chosen as a chef in one of four judges' kitchens. I'm a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain & No Reservations, and think he's all around fantastic! Needless to say, we were immediately drawn to this show. This season looks like so much fun, and I am glad chef Marcus has joined the other judges. I've already got my top picks... I may or may not be rooting for  Food Blogger, Audrey Johns. "High-Five! Whoop! Whoop!" to all the home cooks out there!!
Image via//ABC

3. THE Blue Spoon - If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen this post about the beloved blue spoon. I am not too sure where this spoon came from but I must say, it's a keeper! I use it religiously in the kitchen for anything from mixing, stirring, to scooping. But most importantly, its shinny blue color, speckled with confetti-like dots just makes me smile every time I look at it. And, I know that it helps me cook my dishes too, I just know it does. Maybe my love for the spoon possibly spills over into making the food - therefore, food made with love? Yes, that must be it.

4. Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine - This stuff is almost too good, and I mean that in the best possible ways. Mix up this Moonshine with some fruit juice, especially some Apple Juice, pour it over some ice, serve it chilled... sip it up.. and WHOOOIE!! Or if you'd prefer, or just plain eagar, you don't even have to mix or serve it. You can just drink it right out of the jar if you please. Husbands especially love it... and wives especially love the nice big mason jar when said husbands finish it off. Winning and Winning.
BUT please BE CAREFUL {and legal}, it's the strong stuff.

and last, but definitely not least...

5. Skinny Cow's Peanut Butter Creme filled Chocolates - Okay, seriously y'all, you gotta hear me out on this... First let me just say, I am NOT one for skinny, lite, fat-free anything. Mainly because, well, it usually taste fat-free, or sugar free, or made with some other sweeter that's not sugar. And I know all that fat and sugar stuff is not so great for ya, but I am telling you, it's great for my taste-buds. Okay, now let's back to the topic at hand here... These, these right here -THESE. ARE. SO. DANG. DELICIOUS!! Image a fancy peanut butter cup (3/pck) and each pack contains only 130 calories and 7 grams of fat! I know what you're thinking... but I'm telling you they DO NOT taste anything like they only contain 7 grams of fat or 130 calories, especially split among the three of them. AND, unlike some other chocolate & peanut butter treats which only contain two per pack, these Skinny Cow Chocolates are nearly half as many calories and grams of fat per serving! Yeah, they are pretty amazing! 
You can grab a box full of 6 packs (which will allow you to share, in case you're feeling friendly) at your local grocery store. Please do, go pick some up, you and your friends will thank you. Oh, and they also have Caramel (OMG!) filled chocolates too! Hats off to you Skinny Cow!
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Note: I received this product complimentary from Influensterhowever all content and opinions expressed here are 

my own. 

So there ya have it, my first ever top 5 favorites post from this week!
What about you guys?
Do you have any top faves from your week? 
I'd love to hear them!