Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BRRR...! {warning: this post isn't about food...well, maybe.}

So remember in my post from yesterday I was explaining how us folks down here in parts of Texas were experiencing some pretty nasty cold weather. For those of us native to the South, it's been really, really cold!! It even turns out we've had some freezing temps, mixed with some rain, some awesome wind chills, and all that fun "wintry" stuff..  after a couple of days of these  "wintry mixes" everything was completely frosted over with ice. It made everything eerie, yet magical all at the same time. 

Despite the power going out on us (eerie), it was quite fun to get a true glimpse of Winter (magical). Not to mention figuring out what to do with yourselves without heat and electric for a few hours. Fun stuff! 
Side note: did you know they make small indoor-safe propane heaters??! We didn't either!  Rest assured, we all know now. 

But, since I couldn't whip-up or try out a fun new recipe, or two {my oven is all electric, Baby!} I decided to get a closer look at Jack Frost, and see what I could (safely) see. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to snap a couple of pictures - What a treat! 

Although, it may not be  a great new food recipe, or a kooky story..   I thought I'd share for all you wonderful readers! 

View of a short-lived "Texas Winter"
I may, or may not, had labeled that last photo as "Snot in Trees" in my computer files. {What can I say? It was the first name that popped into my head}

Sometimes, it's about experiencing the little things in life, right? I mean after a brutal Texas Summer, and heat that would make the devil himself cry, it's nice to see something a little different, like ICE. Anyway, here's another shot for ya.

Fallen tree branch covered in ice


Okay, I guess I should mention a little something about food.. I just can't help myself.

 We are gearing up for our 1st annual Thanksgiving at our place this year {Yippee! I'm seriously soo excited!} 
So, I  also spent  part of the day cleaning out the fridge, pantry, kitchen in general, cleaning up the house... AND...

 We went and picked up our "official" turkey (and a ham)

The Bird & The Pig. They're in there. No one wants to see a naked bird thawing out... Promise.


We fought the crowds at Walmart and the grocery store.. 

The coveted master grocery list

yes, we had to make a stop at both... grrr.. 
Alright, I digress 
{but don't worry, there will be a post soon about all the wonderful awkwardness that happens while grocery shopping} 
I know y'all all know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, what are your plans for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Are you traveling, having family over,keeping it simple? Do you stick to tradition, or play-it-by-ear?

PS -  Raise your hand if your excited about stuffing! I am so excited about the Stuffing!! I'm doing (imaginary) jumps and flips over here! It's my all time favorite! ever.. and maybe the gravy. Oh lawd! THE GRAVY!!! 
No, but seriously, I'm like the Pilgrim on the Stove Top commercials (so is the husband) - I'm over-the-moon, dreaming-about-it-for-months crazy about the Stuffing!  Except this year, I'm making my mother's coveted Southwestern Stuffing recipe (and the Stove Top version, so no one has to have a mild case of Scurvy)... stay tuned. I know I'll have lots to share. What's your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Oh yea, stuffing!

oxox, Amanda