Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Faves Friday

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1. Favorite Go-To Wine: Cupcake Chardonnay

In my post last week  I spoke about a delicious Chardonnay  that I recently tried (here). However, for everyday occasions and sipping Cupcake Chardonnay is my go-to wine. Everyone from my husband to my parents know to keep a bottle handy when I am around. It is by far my FAVORITE Chard. It's reasonably priced and has the perfect blend of flavor for my palate. By the way, are you noticing a trend here? Yes, I am what some would consider a Wino - nothin' wrong with that. 

2. Some back (porch) deck sittin'

Since we've purchased our new home we have spent many of weekends on our marvelous back deck. It over looks our canal leading into the lake and it's the perfect spot to watch the sunset. The other weekend, we were "deck-sitting" and I was reflecting about how amazing life can be. Although we don't have our dishes moved, a bed to sleep on, or any furniture delivered (both inside and outside) it was just one of those peaceful and magical moments. I cannot wait to make so many new memories at this new home, as well as enjoy our deck - morning, noon and night. I took this picture right after B's incredible orange margarita (with an extra kicker) that he made for us after working in the yard all afternoon. Hence, our little burn bonfire which we took full advantage of later that evening. I just love the small, yet uniquely special times in life - I hope this weekend you can find a nice porch, deck, patio, whatever it may be that you can enjoy with your loved ones.  

3. Dr. Pepper Cake

Ummmm, hello Yummy! Here's the deal with this cake (background story): Currently (while in between residences) we rent a house where I work, which is right outside of a small Texas town called Dublin. Known for none other than the most incredible: Dublin Dr. Pepper (now Dublin Bottling Works - they have some amazing products, check them out). Well, you may know, the big shots over in corporate world decided to pull the plug on decades of tradition and pure amazing and happiness in a bottle -  and pulled the dubbed Dublin Dr. Pepper from shelves. It's the most ridiculous story so I won't get into to too much detail, but if you lived anywhere west of the Metroplex (WestoPlex) you heard all about the battle of Dublin Dr. Pepper for months and it was a very sad day when the judgement came through. If you were never able to experience a true Dublin Dr. Pepper I am hugely sorry and I wish I could slowly pour you a nice ice cold Dublin Dr. Pepper (preferably over ice cream - we call that a Dr. Pepper float). So good. Anyway, nowadays you can't even mention Dublin Dr. Pepper throughout the county without someone looking at your sideways. Anywho, our local grocer, carries these cake mixes by Debbie - I don't personally know Debbie, but I know we would definitely get along! Her cake mix is combined with a bottle of Dublin Dr. Pepper (if you were smart enough to save some preserves of the drink, like yours truly) - and it is pure bliss in your mouth. By far my favorite chocolate cake mix. When we leave, I am purchasing cases of this stuff. Maybe even truckloads. The mixes make wonderful gifts that you can pair with some bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper, and is an amazing deserts. I've also tried Debbies' Peach Cobler mixes, with Dublin Bottling Works Texas Sweet Peach (which BTW, are both equally fabulous - alone or together)! Purchase a mix and I promise you will be so happy you did.

4. Cat Shaped Cutting board

A cat-shapped cutting board.... need I say more? Obviously one of my faves by the plethora of knife marks. It just makes me HAPPY! The End.

5. Big Ass Rice Crispy Treats

One more thing I will miss when we make the "official move" to our new house this summer - Big Ass Rice Crispy Treats. We frequent a little deli in town for lunch and they have some of the best sandwiches and soups. They by far have some of the freshest ingredients and provide the perfect combinations for lunch. But, my ultimate favorite is when they make huge cube-shaped homemade rice crispy treats. Just like the ones you had as a kid, except adult sized.  Or, Texas Sized, if you will. Guess, I am going to have to start learning how to perfect the big ass rice krispy treat. 

So there it is - this week's Five Faves. Is there anything making your faves list this week? Comment below to share your latest faves and craves.

 I hope you're able to take time this weekend to enjoy the little things, embrace magical moments, and have some fun along the way. I wish each and everyone of you, and your families, a very happy and blessed Easter.



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