Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quick Tip - Use a Mason Jar

Is it just me, or is peeling a clove of garlic (or a shallot) one of the most frustrating  and  difficult tasks?

If you answered: 
Why YES! Yes, it is a difficult and frustrating task!!! 
Then keep reading.This blog post is just for you! 
And, hey, I just might even blow your mind a little bit.

Here's the deal.

To quickly and easily remove, or peel away, the skin from garlic cloves, a shallot, or even a small onion:

Not only does the skin just easily fall right off and separate from the garlic, it is also quite fun to shake the crap outta a little garlic clove, or two. 
It's kind of like revenge for all those times you've spent countless minutes trying to peel away the layers, and somewhat therapeutic.

By the way, speaking of Mason jars. I just have to say, I seriously love having a case of Mason jars around. I use them for all sorts of things like sipping some Sweet Iced Tea, to storing left over chopped lettuce in the fridge (perfect for your lunch salad), as well as containing things like: make-up brushes, loose buttons, sauces, dips. Whatever, you name it. Lids on or off, Mason jars are simply great to have around. Originally used for canning vegetables and jams -  (which is on my to-do list this Summer, #justsayin') they're great for that too.

So here's how you do it:
+ Place your garlic in the mason jar.
+ Screw on the lid tight with the outer ring.
 + Then, shake what your Momma gave ya! 
(shake those suckers hard!)
+ Shake the jar vigorously for a few seconds, 
ensuring that the cloves are hitting the sides and lid of the jar. 
+ Once the skin starts to separate from the clove, remove the cloves from jar
Be sure to remove any remaining pieces of skin on the cloves.

I like to break the garlic up into individual cloves, or peals (if ya wanna get fancy). That way the cloves all kind of bounce off of one another to speed up the skin removal process (that sounded just lovely).

Check out the proof

See all that skin sticking up and off the garlic cloves? 
Now you can just EASILY peel that remaining skin right off of the clove. 
There will also be some skin from the cloves remaining in your Mason jar.
Ahh, isn't it just wonderful?

Below are couple more different ways I frequently use Mason Jars

Storing freshly prepared Italian Dressing 
Recipe for the dressing can be found here

Mason Jars are also really great for storing fresh herbs

So I have to ask you.
Do you use Mason jars in your home or kitchen?
If so, what are some ways you use your Mason jars? 
I'd love to know, so be sure to comment below with some of your Mason jar tips, tricks, or uses.
I know I keep saying it, but aren't they just great?!