Saturday, May 10, 2014

DIY - Mother's Day "MOM" Succulent Planter

I'm such a sucker for Succulents. 

They are the perfect little plant.

Succulents need minimal maintenance.
They're super hearty.
Succulents are wonderful center pieces.
They are the perfect addition to any desk, nightstand, coffee table, or back yard patio. 
Most importantly, Succulents make a perfect GIFT.

This year instead of sending Mom a bouquet of flowers 
(which are pretty awesome too)

Give her a lasting gift.
Made from the heart.

This year make your Mom her very own "Mom" Succulent planter. 

Got 15 minutes? 
Follow these four super quick and super simple steps.
Here's what you'll need


+  1 large round succulent 
+  15 - 20 small succulents - variety (4 oz containers or smaller)
+   potting soil - "Cactus Mix"
+  long rectangular planter/ pot
+  rocks
+  moss
+ water

*Note: I was able to find the planter, rocks, and moss at my local Dollar Tree for only a $1 each!


Step 1: Place rocks at the bottom of the planter.
This will ensure good drainage for your plants

Step 2: next, cover the rocks with a layer of moss.

Step 3: Then, fill the rest of the planter about 3/4 full with the Cactus (Succulent) Potting Soil Mix.

Step 4: Using the small succulents, spell out the word MOM. Use the large round succulent as the "O"

Lastly, fill the rest of planter with soil.
I also like to add some rocks 

Like so:

Make sure that you soak the plants.
Just enough until you see air bubbles.  

Lightly water the plants about once a week. 

Wishing all of the Mother's out there a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!
Thank you for all that you do!!