Friday, September 5, 2014

{But First, Coffee} Mug Swap Reveal

A few weeks ago I logged onto my computer and perused my daily dose of blogs. I have been reading Kallie's blog: But First, Coffee for months now, and on that day I noticed she was hosting a "Mug Swap" party. "How cool!" I thought to myself. So I decided to dig a little deeper. After reading more about the swap, then searching #BFCMugSwap on Instagram, I knew I had to participate. I love my morning coffee and I love networking with other bloggers and blog-minded people. "What a genius idea!" I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to meet a new face and heck, get a mug outta of it too! (hello!)  What I didn't expect was the friendship and FUN that I experienced. 

The whole premise behind the mug swap is to be partnered up (via Kallie's amazing partnering skills) and get to know your Mug Swap partner over the course of a couple of weeks. Typically, via email and social media. By the end of getting to know one another you each mail your partner a mug you see fit and visa versa. 

So, here's what happened:

On, August 15th, Kallie emailed all the participants a list of the partners and their email addresses. 
On August 18th, I emailed my partner, Lindsay, from The Pursuit of Pink.
Now, at first I didn't put two and two together and didn't realize it was THE Lindsay from Pursuit of Pink... you see, I have been following Lindsay's blog and absolutely love her!! When she emailed me back it was an instant connection. We sent each other long emails filled with fun facts. I swear, it was like chatting with one of my best friends. We just had SO MUCH in common. We both love Pink, and anything girly. We both are in the middle of huge transitions in life as we just both moved (to more rural areas). We like the same kind of music and we both LOVE Britney Spears. It was seriously a match made in heaven. 

Below are some photos of my mug package I sent to Lindsay

Package complete with a mug, spoon, my favorite coffee, a hello note, a set of coaster I made and lots of confetti
"Good friends are like stars, they make the world a brighter place." Lindsay does just that.

Stationary by Hallmark

All ready to ship to Lindsay!

Here's a few photos from Lindsay's package to me

Just by the packaging I knew it was going to be GOOD
Then it just kept getting better

Eeeeekkk!! This mug!
Mug by Ashley Brooke Designs
 I've been eyeing ABD for eons. I've been following her designs on Instagram for forever and I never thought I had a "need" to buy one of her mugs that I so wished for... but now I have one of my very own, Thanks to Lindsay!!

Image via Instagram - Enjoying my new mug, confetti and all!

I had so much fun and will be participating again and again! Thank you Lindsay for the PERFECT coffee mug and for your friendship. I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as I did. Thank you to Kallie for hosting a fabulous mug swap!