Friday, October 17, 2014

Five Faves Friday (vol. 14)

- ONE - 
Twitter (@amandafitoblog) - Y'all. I'm proud to say, not only am I on Twitter, but I am actually getting the hang of the Twitter game. I hosted a really fun Twitter chat last week, for the the Texas Social Media Institute (TSMRI), and it provided me with a hands-on, crash-course experience through the (sometimes overwhelming) Tweets of Twitter. I have been blessed with so many great opportunities with TSMRI and look forward to using my newly gained knowledge to further Fun In The Oven Blog and my engagement with YOU. If you're in the business of social media, I encourage you to take a peek at the TSMRI blog, or get involved with our conference next month, in Fort Worth Texas. We are still have a limited number spots available for speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

- TWO - 
Chips & Dips (& Lips) - I've been scouring though recipes and brainstorming ideas for an upcoming get together I'm hosting this weekend. The theme is "Chips, Dips, and Lips" and I'll be featuring a variety of dips (along with recipes for everyone to take home). I absolutely love dips and I thought it would be such a fun girls get-together. Plus, I'll have my Mary Kay consultant, Danel, to join me as she shows us all the new MK goods. Make-up, friends, and some fun snacks sounds like the perfect Saturday. I can't wait t see everyone. Plus, I'll be sharing my favorite dip recipes on the blog soon, along with a recap from the party.

Beer -  Craft (& Fall) Beers - I must admit, I don't usually drink beer. It's simply just not my "go-to" choice of beverage. However, I have been able to get my hands on some pretty awesome Fall and Craft beers, Pumpkin beers, October brews, and (my favorite) craft beers from the local brewery. It's great! We literally have a brewery right in our own backyard. Have you ever tried a Fall beer? Did you love it? I know I did. It pairs perfectly with a beautifully Fall sunset and a little back-porch sitting. 

- FOUR - 
Calligraphy - Next week I'm taking a calligraphy class and I'm super pumped. I've always admired calligraphy and can't wait to try my hand at it. This is also one I'll be able to check off  my Fall Bucket List - check back in next week to see how it goes.

- FIVE - 
Soups, Soups, and more Soups! - Did you catch my post earlier this week of the Cheesy Vegetable and Chicken soup? OMG. It is SO good. I've been on a soup kick lately and we've been trying out new recipes. Be on the look-out for more soup posts coming soon. The picture below is a new recipe I tried for Potato and Leek soup. It was delish! (recipe coming soon).

Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend. What are you loving this week?