Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Faves Friday

Happy pre-weekend Everyone! I hope your week has been filled with greatness and all things good. Are you looking forward to a fun & relaxing weekend? I know I am. Emphasis on the relaxing.

Ready for another round of Five Faves Friday?
Good, because I've got some really great faves this week that I think you’ll totally love too!

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1. Fountain of Health Roasted Garlic Hummus - So I've never really been a huge fan of hummus. At least not until recently. I've tried and tried and tried again to love the stuff, but just couldn't stomach the taste. For some reason, maybe it was the texture, maybe it’s the blandness, but I just never really liked it and thought it to resemble the taste of dirt. And, yes, I know what dirt tastes like.. between mud pies as a child and working with plants over the years, I'll admit dirt has ended up in my mouth one way or another... But, never-mind dirt, let's talk about filling your food hole with something delicious and as far away from tasting like dirt as possible. Fountain of Health has got the hummus game on lock! It is THE BOMB! 
Mom introduced me to the roasted garlic hummus and I have been on the Hummus Bandwagon ever since. If you have had an aversion to hummus like me, you've got to give it another try with this stuff. The texture is perfect and the Roasted Garlic flavor is the best (love me some garlic! not so much dirt). I pair it with some Wavy Potato Chips and I am happier than a bird with a french fry! And, now healthier than a bird with a french fry too! It’s really, really good stuff.

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2. Dial hand soap - Have you been to your local Walmart lately? Right now, they have Dial hand soap for under $1!!! AND, they have brand-new tropical scents which are out of this world!! My two fave scents for Summer right now are Tropical Fruit Splash and Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lilly. Both smell simply delightful. Keep your hands fresh in the kitchen with these hand soaps and smell amazing at the same time! They’rrrrrrrrrre grrreeaaatttt!

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3. Zip Fizz - This post is currently brought to you by my surge of natural energy thanks to these little tubes of fun! Mix it into a 16 oz of water and have un-jittery energy for hours. You can grab a huge stock of all 3 flavors at Costco, or pick some up in the health aisle at your local grocery story. I love them all, and the best part, no crash or jitters.

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4. SoBe Life Water - Ready to fill your mouth up with liquid Coconut Snow-Cone bliss, but without the brain freeze? Do yourself a favor and go and grab a bottle of SoBe’s Life Water in Pacific Coconut Flavor. I promise it is Summer-Time in a bottle & only 80 calories! Plus, it has coconut water in it adding more hydration to your body. It’s a nice little refreshing treat after a hot day working in the garden or soaking up the sun. I found them at Brookshire’s for only a $1 - heck of a deal!

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5. OXO Angled Measuring Cups - These measuring cups are perfect! You can read your measurement from any angle, literally. Ever have those moments when you've poured too much or too little and then had to battle with getting the measuring just right? Trying to bend down and become level with the counter to see if you're on the mark? (so annoying!) Not anymore, my friends! OXO has the perfect measuring cup in three different sizes for all your measurement needs. The angled feature makes it a cinch to read how much you're pouring and you'll never have to second guess. Plus, they're dishwasher safe. You can pick these little kitchen helpers (all three) for under $20 bucks here. They make wonderful wedding and house-warming gifts too.

So, what items are you crushing on this week? Have you discovered something new or have a all time favorite kitchen tool? Share with us here in the comments section. I love reading about new products that make life a little more fun!