Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Faves Friday

Whoo Hooo!! Can you smell that?! It’s the smell of the glorious WEEKEND upon us!

I hope you guys and gals are kicking the weekend off with a kick-ass start and enjoying your Friday!

I have this week’s Five Faves are ya ready?!

Leggo. (trans: let’s go)

1. Man-Pleasin’ Meals: Gotta love a dinner that takes all of 10 minutes to prep and cook an then your man chows down like it’s the best thing he’s ever ate! Take for example this quick Philly Cheese Steak knock off, complete with leftover onion & poppy-seed hot dog buns. Anytime you can please your man, under 10 minutes, AND get rid of the extra hot-dog buns is a great day. Especially great if it’s a Monday. Starting off the week right. With meat, cheese, bread, and au jus!

2. Pioneer Women’s Lasagna: Whatever you’re doing this weekend, please PLEASE make sure that this Lasagna is incorporated somewhere in those plans. It’s the best stuff! And who the hell doesn't love lasagna?! This recipe is the bees knees.

3. Crazy Fun Straws: These little babies will mesmerize you and keep you giddy while sipping on your favorite drink. Probably not the most functional thing to drink from, but what the hell?! YOLO!

4. Pretty China: Funny story - B and I have had this China since before we were married.. Pathetic story -  I just now took it all out of the box and hand-washed the pretties THIS WEEK!
I now feel so refined and as if I have my life together when I sip my morning coffee out of these beauties. Aren't they just lovely? Even upside down.

5. Amazing Neighbors: It’s pretty obvious that we all wish to have the BEST neighbors, but guess what.. I really do! Not only did my neighbor to the right provide B and I with a haul of veggies this week (onions, cucumbers, squash, and jalapenos) but the neighbor to the right got me some Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds after we discussed all things Horticulture over dinner one night.. The bean vine was a hot topic that night, and then a week later he gave me a pack of the seeds he ordered (it’s not a condom people, it SEEDS! I know what you were thinking #psychmajor, remember?).
So sweet, and let’s face it, these are my favorite types of gifts - gifts from or for the garden.

What are your Faves from this week?