Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Faves Friday (Father's Day Edition)

Couple of things:

1. Did you realize today is Friday the 13th??! Has nothing to do with Father's Day but I just wanted you to be aware in case your super superstitious like me... I’ll be seeking shelter shortly after this post is finished.

2. Did you know that THIS SUNDAY is Father's Day??! I know, pretty awesome! That time of year has come agian where we can show Dad our appreciation for his all around awesomeness.

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Okay, I am sure you knew both of those things but how else was I supposed to get this post started?

Anyway, I am sharing with you my Fave Fives. Father's Day style.
Ready. Set.

1. Because Dad’s are Rad you should definitely start Father’s day off with a BANG and prepare him these amazing little Bacon Deviled Eggs, the uber sexy Chrissy Teigen has so gracefully delighted us with.
Then you can show Dad all of her amazing photos of her hotness - both are sure to please any man!
BTW, her blog, So Delushious, is SO freaking awesome, so is she!
Be sure to go check it out, promise you'll love her and her food!

2. Next, be sure to find the way to Dad’ heart (which if you didn't know is through his stomach) and fill his belly with this awesome Wine-Braised Beef Brisket. O.M.G!

3. Ummm, so can I give a quick shout-out to Ice Cream Cakes? Seriously, who doesn't love cake AND ice cream?
Do Dad a favor and go grab one - it’ll be the “ice-cream on his Cake” for his big day!
Plus, you can sneak a piece in too! #winning

4. Father’s Day Cards!
They’re imperative to Father’s Day.
Be sure to get the really deep and sappy one, and then be sure to write your sweet & heart-felt Thanks to Dad.
Dads LOVE these, just do it!

5. And, lastly, if you’re feeling like giving Dad a grand adventure, take him back in time to slaying dragons and being called “me  Lord” - take him to Medieval Times
Yep, you heard it hear first. Just as thrilling and fun as when you were a kid, except now you can scream your heads of with pints of beer and crowns adorning your heads… it’s a blast!
proof is below

There ya have it! My five faves for Father's Day.

How are you planning on giving your special Dad the royal treatment this Father's Day?