Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kitchen Quick-Tip Tuesday: Use a Hand-Mixer (+ a link-up)

This Tuesday’s Kitchen Quick-Tip is brought to you by the lovely little Hand-Mixer.

No longer is the hand-mixer confined to baked goods: cakes and brownie mixes…

Oh no. The hand-mixer is  SOOOO much more!

Ready to whip up some amazing ...(wait for it)...



Get out that mixer, Brother and Sisters!

Wait! Maybe I should be calling them more appropriately = Whipped Potatoes.

Yes, Whipped Fluffy Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

I remember standing in my friend’s kitchen one night as she was making the biggest batch of Mashed Potatoes for her hubs and small troops of kiddos. I asked her what her secret was to such incredible mashed potatoes since I had yet to master any type of culinary magic. Plus I had a feeling that if I could just make a great batch of mashed potatoes then I would immediately be a master in the kitchen... I mean who doesn't love a great mashed potato? I knew I could swoon any eater with great mashed potatoes, and, this girl seriously had the BEST mashed taters around! (sorry Mom) 

So, you know what my friend told me? To get rid of that pesky potato masher and use a hand-mixer. My mind. was. blown! Then she told me a couple of other tricks that I'll include for you below.

Ready to whip up some Whipped Fluffy Creamy Mashed Potatoes?

Here’s what you’ll do:

After boiling your fresh, cubed potatoes drain them and throw them in a nice large bowl while they're still warm.

Next, add some whipping cream, butter, and (my special secret, so don’t tell) - Sour Cream! {and a smidgen of cream cheese - trust me, okay?!}

Add a little bit of each of these. You'll be good to go!

Then, whip everything together with your hand-mixer until nice and fluffy (or your desired consistency).

Add some salt and pepper to taste, give it a good stir.

And, VOILA! Beautifully Mashed Whipped Potatoes

What are some of your kitchen quick tips? Link them up here and share the Fun!