Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Happy Hump Day Everyone & Welcome to our 2nd installment of #WineWednesday

Today I am sharing my thoughts about Rex-Goliath Merlot

I picked up this bottle of wine precisely because I used to decorate my kitchen with all things Cocks... Chickens that is... Sheesh!

Therefore, the proudly displayed “Giant 47 Pound Rooster” on the label meant that it had to be good, right?

Plus, I knew if at the very least, if I only stored the bottle in my counter-top wine rack it would be a great addition to my kitchen decor. Priorities, People!

Lucky for us, I had to pop that cork and taste the Jesus Juice/ Rooster Blood (whatever you want to call it) And, boy oh boy! Was I ever glad I did!


Price: under $10 a bottle

Where: You can pick up this wine at any local Wal-Mart, CVS, and grocery store
(Please note: I like to shop around at only the finest of places… As you can tell)

Taste:  Bold, yet smooth. Light hints of fruit.

Serving Suggestions:  Serve at room temp. I also suggest pairing it with a nice chicken dish, like my Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms. DELISH!

Initial Thoughts:  mmmmm, mmmmmm gooood!

Final Thoughts:  No headache, no problem! That’s some damn good cock juice… okay, I’ll stop now!

So, what wines are you drinking this Wednesday?

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