Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Faves Friday: a quick lunch idea, DIY, & cute cattle

Today I'm linking up with Amanda, Erika, and Lauren

Number One goes out to my Number ONE! I am proud and excited as heck to be celebrating my husbands accomplishments as we attend his Master's Hooding Ceremony this weekend. He has completed his Master's in Counseling and Psychology and I cannot be more ecstatic. So here's to you B! Congratulations! I'm honored to be married to such a smart and educated man. 

Numbero dos: The fabulous Mary Kay Giveaway! In case you missed my post yesterday (click here) my long-time friend and MK Consultant, Danel, is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway including some pretty amazing Mary Kay products that you NEED in your life. Be sure to enter for your chance to win! Plus, she is offering 15% off of all orders placed between now and August 31st + free shipping. Trust me, these products are a complete (make-up) game changer - you'll absolutely LOVE them. 

Number Three: Quick lunch idea - Turkey Bacon Spinach Wrap. Use a whole wheat wrap, smear with some Garden Vegetable cream cheese. Add a couple pieces of thinly sliced turkey, cheese, spinach and a piece of bacon (or two). Roll up. Cut in Half & VOLIA! So quick, delicious, and packed with protein.

Four is all about the DIY projects that brighten your day. For instance, this fun little coaster made by yours truly. I love simple DIY projects that only take a minimal amount of time yet can totally brighten your day and add a little more joy to your life. I just love the pattern on these... which is only scrapbook paper! Using a tile (found at most hardware stores), scrapbook or decorative paper, modge-podge, and some clear adhesive spray and you've got yourself a customized coaster. Be on the look out for some more simple DIY tutorials coming soon to a blog near you :)

And, lastly I am going to leave you with this completely adorable and equally hilarious video. Number Five goes out to this video of a cattle farmer calling his cows to the tune of Lorde's Royals. Speed-up the video a couple of minutes to really see the herd moving in, and be sure not to miss the the ending. You'll just be overcome with laughter and utter cuteness!(see what I did there?)

Wishing each of you a happy and safe weekend!