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Tutorial: How to Clean your Make-up Brushes + a GIVEAWAY

If you search "how-to clean your make-up brushes" you'll find there are a million and one different techniques (3,760,000 to be exact). Some tutorials include dipping your brushes in olive oil to preserve the bristles, others instruct you to buy expensive & chemical filled brush cleansers... and some are just plain whack!

I'm sorry but I'm saving my olive oil for cooking and spending my bucks elsewhere.

So, today, woman to woman, I feel it's only my duty to share with you the simplest, cheapest, and cleanest way to get those brushes like new, free of make-up and debris, and most importantly oil-free. Also, I've been using this technique (sans EVOO) for years and have experience zero damage to the brushes' bristles.

You can quickly clean your brushes with only TWO things. That's right, TWO things is all you need to get those brushes clean and free of make-up.

You'll Need:
(1) Water and
(2)  Johnson & Johnson's Baby Soap.

Soap & Water (who knew?!) is all you'll need to get those brushes fresh again! Yep. Soap... and water. That's it!

How To: Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

First, start by mixing a dime-sized amount of baby soap with warm water in a shallow bowl until it's nice and sudsy.

Next, using one brush at a time, gently dip and 'swirl' the brush around in the soapy water. You'll start to see make-up loosening from your brush. Be sure not to dip your brush past the bristles in the water, as this may cause the bristles to lose adhesion from the brush. 

Using the palm of your hand, or fingers, gently work the water and soap into the brush allowing the soap to get deep down into your brush.

For extra dirty brushes (like a foundation brush) I like to squeeze out the excess make-up and dip them into the soapy water a couple of times until I can't see any color/ make-up on the brush. As you can see in the picture below there is quite a bit of make-up already in the sink and dripping from the brush. This brush is one of two brushes I use to apply my foundation. Hence the abundance of make-up residue. 

Ewww is right - all of that set in make-up is a recipe for clogged pores. 

Speaking of Ewww, sorry for my hideous hands. To say I am a little rough with my hands would be an understatement- after all I am gardener, and I love to cook. Therefore my hands are always complete with scratches, the occasional oven burn, and possibly overdue for a fill. 

When the water in the bowl begins to look a little cloudy just dump it out and mix up another batch of suds. 

Cloudy water means it's working! You want the old set-in make-up in the water, not on (or in) your brush. 

Typically I go through 8 - 10 batches of fresh water and suds (I have a lot of brushes). 

Repeat as many times as needed.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse your brush under warm running water to entirely rinse out the soap and make-up.
Please note, soap left in your brushes will cause them to be stiff and possibly ruin the bristles' adhesion to the brush. 

Rinse, rinse, rinse. 

After you rinse the brush, squeeze out all the excess water. Then, 'shape' the brush similar to it's original shape. Don't leave it frayed and out of shape. The whole purpose is to preserve your brushes. 

Lastly, lay the brushes on a flat, clean surface (or towel/ drying mat) in a well ventilated area. I like to lay my brushes in sunny area usually with a cracked open window to help speed up the drying process. 

I also wipe down all of the handles of each brush with a disinfectant wipe to remove any make-up residue and germs.

Typically, I allow my brushes to dry over night, turning once or twice. Come the next morning they're as good as brand new. Super soft and free of grime!

Side note: use this brush cleaner in between deeper cleans, especially for eye shadow brushes to prevent shades from mixing. 

So now that we're on the topic of removing make-up... let's talk a minute about removing make-up from your face. Let's talk about the BEST eye make-up remover, ever!!

Some of my favorite facial products are Mary Kay. I use a wide range of their products from cleansers and moisturizers, to foundation and lip gloss. When I say I am addicted to Mary Kay's products, I am over the moon impressed with them. I started using Mary Kay a little over a year ago and almost instantly started receiving  more compliments on my make-up, and overall completion, than I ever have. Not only that, I just really, really, really LOVE their products. In my opinion, Mary Kay products are a great and lasting value.

One of my "can't-live-without" products is the Mary Kay's Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover. You guys, it is beyond amazing and can tackle even the smokiest of eye make up. Not to mention their formula is packed with good for you essentials and actually helps your lashes.

AND, for one of my lucky readers, my amazing Mary Kay consultant, Danel, is giving away one bottle of this fabulous Mary Kay eye make-up remover (PLUS this super soft Liquid Foundation Brush that I happen to adore

Just follow the instructions below to enter.

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