Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#WineWednesday: Give it to me straight

Hello, hello Everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

This week's #WineWednesday, I'd like to switch things up a bit and hear for all of you lovely readers.

I'd like to ask each of you for a favor. I'd love for your participation in helping me pick the next wine, or wines, that I try and review here on FITO blog.

I know the world of wines is vast and deep but I'd love to know what wines YOU like. You see, this can't be a one way street here and I'd love to know about your wine experience.

What is you favorite go to wine? Or, your favorite vino to pop open during a special occasion? What is that one wine that you had and can never stop thinking about?  I want to know a little more about your wine tastes, and what wines make you tick.

I created a simple survey below (or can be found by clicking here) for you to share your thoughts about your wine tastes and preferences.

Also, I am trying to gain more insight for a wine glass/ wine accessories swap. Would you be interested in sharing your wine favorites with other wine lovers? If so, I want to hear from YOU!

Please feel free to share your thoughts honestly and openly. I will never share your information, and your wine secrets are safe with me.

I feel it's so important to know what my readers like, and what they don't like. I want this to be a place that you can come and enjoy - so by sharing you thoughts, I feel, will only help me be a better blogger for you!

Let's get an open conversation going about all things wine!

Share away, and thank you for participating.