Wednesday, July 9, 2014

POP open the Prosecco (+ a cocktail)

Introducing BOLLA Prosecco Treviso DOC

Not to be entirely confused with Champagne. 

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine that comes from the North Eastern region of Italy. 
Although, both Champagne and Prosecco are considered sparkling wines, the difference in their names determines the region in which they were produced. 

Prosecco = Veneto Italy (the northeast region of Italy)
Champagne = France

Additionally, Prosecco is particular to the grapes used in production. Prosecco only uses one type of Italian grape, Glera. Whereas Champagne uses a variety of grapes.

If you know one thing about me, it's that I am a fan of both Prosecco and Champagne! However, I tend to save the "Champs" for a celebratory occasion. 

I usually stick to the Prosecco. Especially when I need something lovely & bubbly but less wedding-ish and more low key.

Imported through Banfi Wines, Bolla's Prosecco comes from and is produced in Italy. North of Venice to be exact.

What I love about this Prosecco is that is very light and crisp on the palette. 

According to Banfi Wines' website, Bolla Prosecco Teviso DOC has been both hand and machine harvested and the "fermentation takes place in stainless steel and cuvee close to develop the stars."

Bolla Prosecco won a Gold Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition and with an easy-on-the-wallet price point, you truly cannot go wrong.

This Prosecco pairs nicely with pretty much anything. Think appetizers, seafood, chicken, pork, pastas and even desserts.

This delightful Prosecco is a must! 

Quick Cocktail Idea:
You know the bliss of a Sunday Morning Mimosa...?
Well think that, but with a twist!

I like to call it the Prosecco Blood Orange Mimosa.

I am absolutely loving this mocked up version
Prosecco + Blood Orange 

So delish, and so refreshing! 
Try it and you'll love the easy combination.