Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#WineWednesday: Bringing Back the Box

... Boxed Wine, that is. Yep, you heard me right. I am bringing that shiz back and with a quickness too. You know what else, I'm darn proud of it too! I'm a hooked bag-slappin' Fool.

Okay, okay. So there actually are a few reasons why I'm now on the boxed bandwagon:

1. For starters, they've come a longgggg way since Pink boxed wines. I'm totally not hating on Pink Boxed Wines, trust me, I've had my fair share... but, I feel Pink boxed wine is slightly more appropriate with a pounding headache the next morning possibly accompanied with a bought of gut rot. I try to avoid both of those at all costs.

2. Speaking of costs. I think a $20 something box of wine is way more cost efficient, especially if your into a daily evening glass. It's always there, limitless, ready for a pour.

3. The equivalent of 4 bottles of wine packed into one convenient box. Easy to transport and less spoiled wine. Because, after all, you really shouldn't consume 4 bottles in one sitting. That's just plain wrong. So save a little. You don't have to worry about it going bad the next day.

4.  It's actually good tasting wine. Yes, it really is!

and, lastly ...

5. A Bota Box wine is environmentally friendly. According to the website: "The smart, alternative packaging and size reduce greenhouse gasses by 75% and waste by 50%, cut fuel emissions due to its lighter shipping weight, and are produced primarily from paper which is a renewable resource" You get the wine. Mother Earth gets a a break. A total win/ win situation. 

The Bota Box brand offers a variety of boxed wines for your sipping pleasure. 
image // via
Look at those little baby ones in the front. Perfect for a picnic. 

My mom first introduced me to this wine and I clearly thought she was out of her mind.. and possibly having a mid-life crisis trying to escape back to hear early drinking days. She kept telling me "No, I swear it's really good wine!" and "It's just like bottled wine except there's more to share, consume, guzzle, etc.". I was at first a total skeptic, until she snuck me a glass. Unknowingly, I thought it was the glass bottled stuff. Sure enough it was a Bota Box. And you know what else. It tasted GREAT and it seemed endless. I've been hooked ever since. Thanks, Mom.  

Once I began researching a little bit more into the whole boxed wine trend, I realized how great this really is. By removing the glass bottles the saving is able to be passed down to the consumer. Who knew glass bottles were so overrated?!

 My favorite Bota Box is the Pinot Grigio. 

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So there ya have it! 
What are your thoughts on boxed wines. Have you tried any recently? Don't you just love them?? Or, are you glass bottle all the way? I'd love to know, share you thoughts in the comments.